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Kotlyarov I. D.






The present paper contains an analysis of main existing models of direct interaction between end customers and producers of agrarian products via electronic commerce. Main problems that hinder the development of electronic trade in agriculture are described.

Keywords: electronic commerce, agrarian products, farm food.

Kotlyarov Ivan Dmitrievich –

Ph.D in economic Sciences,

Docent of Department of

Financial Markets and Financial Managemen

National Research University

Higher School of Economics

Saint Petersburg

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The attention of both theoreticians and practitioners dealing with the implementation of electronic Commerce in trade in agricultural products, focused on the B2B segment. In the publications devoted to this question, it is first and foremost about Informatization agriculture in General [1, 2], and the creation of a single electronic market of agricultural products [3]. Quite successfully operated regional e-portals on which medium farmers offer their products to business customers from other regions (for example, in the Stavropol region [4] and the Khabarovsk region [5]). However, the problem of development of B2C e-Commerce in agricultural products while in the literature is not enough.

This situation is somewhat paradoxical, since the gradual growth of living standards of consumers has led to the fact that they began to show interest in buying better quality food – this is not the brand of the product and its naturalness and freshness.

People want to buy agricultural products produced without the use of chemicals and does not last long (in time, distance and number of dealers) of the way from farm to fork.


Cooperation is a well-established tool increase of efficiency of activity of agricultural producers [6], and therefore we consider it possible to use its capacity and to arrange a direct e-Commerce of agricultural products.


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