Publishes the journal «Agricultural Bulletin of Stavropol Region» publishing house of Stavropol state agrarian University. The journal is published in Russian and English languages in four issues per year. Reception of materials for publication is carried out in the following terms:

No. 1 – January 10 – February 28

No. 2 – April 10 – may 30

No. 3 – July 10 – August 30

No. 4 – October 10 – November 30

The sections are:

  • Agro engineering
  • Veterinary
  • Animal breeding
  • Crop growing
  • Economy

The main objective of the journal is to inform a wide scientific community and experts involved in the industry, about the latest scientific achievements and development of modern technical solutions and the results of the practical application of these innovations.

The editors do not allow publishing materials, the content of which contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The editorial takes a neutral position on all problematic issues raised by the authors of the articles. At the same time, the editorial Board encourages the exchange of experience and scientific debate in the pages of the magazine.

The fundamental principles guiding the revision are trustworthiness, academic significance and relevance of the published works. The receipt by authors of the studies with negative results do not preclude publication in the journal.

The editorial guarantees the consideration of all of the publications of materials, compliance with editorial independence and integrity in making objective decisions. The decision of the editorial Board of the journal on publication of the article is not influenced by race, gender, age, nationality, citizenship, social status, sexual orientation, religious and political beliefs of the author (authors), as well as commercial interests.

The ethical rules of the journal must be followed by all participants in the process of publishing the results of scientific studies: authors, reviewers, members of editorial Board, editorial staff, and persons and organizations interested in information provided by the journal.

The editorial office is responsible for the quality of published scientific articles and supports initiatives aimed at reducing the number of incorrect actions on the part of authors and reviewers and violations of ethics.

The editorial has the right to editorial changes to the manuscript materials. The editors have the right to partially or fully provide the materials of scientific articles in Russian and foreign organizations providing indexing of scientific publications, and to place these materials on an Internet website of the journal.

The copyright on each issue of the magazine «Agricultural Bulletin of Stavropol Region» (in General) belong to the founder of the journal – FSBEI HE «Stavropol State Agrarian University». The reprint of materials of magazine without the permission of the publisher is prohibited, links to journal when quoting.

Materials sent to the editorial office are not returned to authors. Remuneration (fees) for published materials is not paid.