Trukhachev Vladimir Ivanovich Academician of RAS, doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor, doctor of economic Sciences, Professor, Honored scientist of the Russian Federation.

Trukhachev V. I. was born on 16 July 1955 in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region. In 1977 he graduated from the Stavropol Order of the red banner agricultural Institute on a speciality «veterinary medicine». In 1991 he successfully defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of agricultural Sciences on the theme: «The influence of the different structure of diets on the productivity of fine-wool ewes and use of nutrients» specialty 06.02.02 – Feeding of agricultural animals and technology of forages, in 1998 his doctoral thesis for the degree of doctor of agricultural Sciences on the theme «Productive and biological peculiarities of fine sheep when using by-products of crop production and dairy industry» specialty 06.02.02 – Feeding of agricultural animals and technology of forages, in 2002 was awarded the academic title of Professor of the chair of feeding farm animals.

In 2007, Trukhachev V. I. successfully defended his doctoral thesis for the degree of doctor of economic Sciences on the theme: «The Impact of inertia of the transformational trends-the economic downturn in the agricultural sector of the region on the quality and the dynamics of post-crisis development» in the specialty 08.00.05 – Economics and national economy management, in 2011 he was awarded the academic title of Professor in the Department of business Economics and business technologies in agriculture. In 2007 he was elected a corresponding member of the RAAS, in the year 2014 awarded the title of corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, in 2016, was awarded the title of academician. In 2015, the actual elected a foreign member of the Slovak Academy of agricultural Sciences.

Trukhachev V. I. is one of the leading Russian scientists in the field of animal science and veterinary medicine, in particular animal feeding.

Priority areas of research Trukhachev V. I. are: productive and physiological effect on the body of sheep biologically active compounds from byproducts of milk processing; creation, improvement and use in feeding of farm animals dietary supplements; improve the quality of silage and hay lage through the use of organic preservatives. The introduction of scientific developments into production allows to accelerate the solution of actual economic problems of increasing production and quality of animal products no extra feed cost.

V. I. Trukhachev consolidate scientific forces to solve the problems identified. He is the head of the scientific school «Feeding farm animals» which brings together prominent scientists, doctoral students, graduate students and applicants to address the pressing issues of feeding, improvement of breeding and productive qualities of farm animals.

Trukhachev V. I. – Russian scientist in the field of economy and management of agroindustrial complex, the organization for economic science. Vladimir Ivanovich is the head of scientific school «Economic-organizing mechanism of management of agrarian production and multifunctional development of rural areas». The main directions of his research are connected with the reform of the agrarian sector of the economy, the study of the causes, forms, manifestations, consequences and ways of overcoming of the agrarian crisis, innovative activity and introduction of innovations in agriculture, development of rural local self-government, as the socio-labor sphere of the village and directions for its improvement.