«Agricultural Bulletin of Stavropol Region» - scientific-practical journal, which is published with the aim of promoting basic and applied achievements in the following areas: Agro engineering, Veterinary, Animal breeding, Crop growing.

Periodicity of the journal (since 2011) - 4 issues per year.

ISSN 2222-9345

The editorial of the journal «Agricultural Bulletin of Stavropol Region» selects for publication the manuscript of the analytical review papers and original research and brief communications and professional reviews about the most significant achievements in the field of Agro engineering, Veterinary, Animal breeding, Crop growing, Economy on a wide range of specialties.

Taking into account the recommendations of international experts, from 2017, the magazine «Agricultural Bulletin of Stavropol Region» has made a serious qualitative changes. The magazine was first published in an updated form that reflected not only in its design, but also the composition of the editorial Board and reviewers, the editorial policy, topics, and selection criteria published articles. Radically changed the composition of the editorial Board, which consists of recognized Russian and foreign scientists actively participating in shaping the face of the magazine. Currently, we actively cooperate with foreign colleagues, and will regularly update the composition of the editorial Board.

To ensure the quality of published texts in the journal are subject to strict ethical requirements to manuscripts that meet the standards of respected international associations, and also introduced a «double-anonymous» the system of peer review (double blind peer review) - the principle double blind peer review of all submitted materials. Accepted for publication pass through a full cycle of editing and proofreading.

All publications are reviewed and accompanied by extensive summaries in Russian and English languages. The editorial Board accepts for consideration the articles of both domestic and foreign authors in Russian and English languages.

Basic principles of the journal

The journal is interdisciplinary in nature. The majority of the journal publishes studies focused on problems of basic and applied research in the field of agriculture on a wide range of specialties of scientists from Russia. But we are not rigidly lock in the Russian framework, and the published work based on broad comparative material. The journal aims to become a platform for new expressive works based on a comparative study of the widest possible geography materials.

Mission of the journal

The mission of the journal is to bring together research efforts and networking of scientists in the development of scientific thought on topical issues in the field of Agro engineering, Veterinary, Animal breeding, Crop growing, and also in the discussion and promotion of this area of knowledge, including through providing open access to published articles. The journal is focused primarily on the topical regional issues, which are discussed in a wide range from pilot research to the widespread introduction of scientific developments into practice.

Journal tasks:

· the creation of new views based on modern scientific approaches and academic debate different points of view;

· publication, presentation and dissemination of scientific works by Russian and foreign authors, the latest information and best practices the study of current problems of agriculture;

· providing professional communication to a wide range of researchers and experts in different fields of agriculture and allied Sciences;

· support the conceptual and empirical discussions on fundamental and applied problems academic research in the field of technical, biological and agricultural Sciences;

· promoting theoretical and practical research in various fields of knowledge;

· providing the opportunity to get acquainted with the current research and developments to all interested readers from around the world;

· informing the professional community about new relevant publications and research projects;

· establishing and strengthening scientific communication and links between Russian and foreign scientists;

· involvement in a professional community of young researchers.

Criteria for articles are the relevance and public interest of the topic, novelty of ideas and the scientific accuracy of submissions. The editorial Board aims to discuss in its pages the most pressing of questions in a correct and reasoned dialogue, the simultaneous representation of different discourses and different approaches of the study. The decision on publication is made by editorial Board based on the opinions of leading scientists invited as reviewers and experts about its significance, novelty, originality and relevance.

Audience of the Journal

Among authors of the journal – the largest specialist, researchers in various fields, leading scientists in their fields of expertise with international recognition. The journal also provides a publication opportunity for graduate students and young scientists. In all cases, articles are published based on the criteria and policy of the journal. The journal gives authors the opportunity to publish the results of their scientific research, and thereby contributes to the formation of scientific communities, centered around the study of specific topics.

Open access policy

The importance of the problems of modern society consistently articulated not only in academic discourse. Therefore, in addition to an academic audience, the journal is aimed at non-academic readers interested in discussing the fundamental problems of modern society. Aiming to become a platform for a broad discussion of these issues, the journal pursues a policy of open access to publications. All journal content is available to users for free. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, and find full texts of the articles without the prior permission of the publisher and author.

Format of (types of) publications

The desire for wide discussion of the problems and politics of open access suggest that the journal seeks to publish in its pages are not only original research articles in Russian and English languages, containing results of fundamental and theoretical and applied research in the field of Agro engineering, Veterinary, Animal breeding, Crop growing, Economy, but also review articles by leading experts on the subject of the journal, professional reviews of new books and scientific researches, materials of scientific events, discussions and round tables dedicated to the issues of the magazine.

Sections of the Journal

The journal publishes scientific works of different formats (types) of publications only in accordance with the journal's profile.

For more information about the journal

Registration - Certificate of registration of mass media PI № FS 77-44573 15.04.2011 (Roskomnadzor).

Format:  60X84 1/8

Capacity: up to 300 pages

Circulation: 3000 copies

Languages - Russian, English

Distribution - Russia, foreign countries

Subscription index in United catalogue «Press of Russia» - 83308.

The English name of the journal – Agricultural Bulletin of Stavropol Region

Based on the opinion of the Presidium of the Higher attestation Commission Ministry of education and science of Russia the journal «Agricultural Bulletin of Stavropol Region» is included in the List of leading reviewed scientific journals and editions, approved Ministry of education and science of the Russia, which should be published basic scientific results of dissertations on competition of a scientific degree of doctor and candidate of Sciences, an international bibliographic database AGRIS, Russian index of scientific citing (RISC).